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A Little Bit About Me

Mom of 3, Ceo, Mentor and Philanthropist. Catherine is a 200 Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Master Bellydance Instructor & Performer,  Licensed Zumba® Fitness & STRONG Nation™ Instructor, Barre Intensity Instructor, and Life Experienced Fitness & Lifestyle Coach.

To say "Motivating Women Through Movement” is Catherine LeBlanc’s mission, would be an understatement...

It is her calling; and Zumba®, Yoga, BellyDance, Barre Intensity and Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching is her platform!
Cat’s passion for motivating women began with her own journey of self-evolution.

With a strong passion for motivating women, and through the transformational power of dance & fitness...

she decided to master the skills to manifest a career in both.

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