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I Want More! BUT…

What do you do when you want to accomplish a goal? You plan and prepare! Why then are we treating our mind and body like it’s just going to happen by osmosis?

We want to look amazing, feel like a million bucks and do big things in the world…but our second-to-second actions state otherwise.

Here's what I’m asking you to do…

Take 30 minutes of your day today, right after you read this blog entry, and decide exactly what you want! The reason we are so easily thrown off track is because we haven’t fully decided and fully committed.

It's through our thoughts, words, feelings and actions, that we’re sending mixed signals to the universe about what we want. “I want this, but life is…”, “I desire that, but I am…”, “I’m doing this, but this person is…”

No more buts, no more excuses! Put it all away, and only focus on you. If this situation or person never changes, what can you change, within yourself, to make this different/better? We already know that we can’t change/control anything outside of ourselves, so why do we expend so much energy trying?!?

Now, that you’ve fully decide what you want to manifest, write it on paper and map out what it looks like in your day to day…make a plan…and follow through everyday!

We devote too much time to activities that will not get us closer to manifesting the life we want, and we just get further and further away from where we want to be (activities like scrolling social media, watching tv, gossiping, etc…).

During your daily activities and thoughts, periodically ask yourself “Is this is going to get me closer to manifesting the life I want?” If the answer is NO, immediately shift that thought and/or activity to one that supports your vision. Spend time filling your mind with affirming, high vibrational, life changing information first thing in the morning and right before you go to bed…and all throughout the day if you can! Read books and watch documentaries about manifestation, affirmations, meditation and raising your vibration. These will all give you the motivation, inspiration and information you need to declare what you want to be, do and have in this life…because all we get is one.

Peace Y’all

P.S. Those that want to be in good physical shape, join a class or three this week. I know virtual fitness isn’t how we want to workout, but if it’s been a challenge to get to the gym, why not do what is convenient? Just log in and jam with us Mon-Wed 6pm 💃🏽💪🏼

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Jun 29, 2022



Jun 26, 2022

Beautifully conveyed!

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