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The Secret To Winning!


She is a baaaaddddd girl! She’s the one you want by your side in good times and bad…and here’s a few reasons why!

  • CONSISTENCY will be your accountability partner

  • Because of CONSISTENCY…your brain will start to believe you again! After failed attempts, your brain stops believing you, but with consistency, you get better and better at whatever you’re working towards

  • CONSISTENCY builds equity across all your life’s endeavors…personal and professional

  • CONSISTENCY creates space for endless possibility and opportunity!

Heres how you can foster a lasting relationship with CONSISTENCY…

  1. BE CLEAR on what you’re working toward

  2. FORWARD MOTION! Educate yourself and make steps daily

  3. FIGHT NATURE! Your brain is designed to stay comfy…so push through those tough times!

Yours In Health,

Cat LeBlanc

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1 Comment

Aug 01, 2021

Wow Cat!!!! Great blog and absolutely true! I am experiencing this right now. In fact, consistency and I are becoming best friends. Consistency makes me feel proud of myself.👆🏽

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