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24 Hour Positivity Challenge

Wow! We are creators! We have a direct hand in the life we are currently living, and it all starts in our own mind…with our own thoughts, which turn our own words, which turn into our own reality.

I am creating this challenge based on a book I’m currently inspired by “Manifest Now”. There’s four pages dedicated to “Say Nothing Negative For 24 Hours” and I’m bringing it to you. I advise you to get the book and read it in it’s entirety, but for now, take this nugget…

Keep in mind that I’m leaving some things just as she says it, but I will add my own thoughts as well:-)

You speak everything you think and say into existence. Your words have a powerful frequency behind them and they carry a n energy that can alter your reality completely.

For the next 24 hours, let all of your conversations, with yourself and others, be empowered by this thought: I am going to speak what I want to manifest.

If you’re in conversation with someone that is complaining, you direct the conversation by asking them to tell you what they would like to manifest in that situation. Something that helps me, in the moment of negative thought/feeling, is to ask myself what if it happened exactly how I wanted it to. Then, I imagine what that would actually look like. It evokes and immediate shift in what I’m feeling in that moment because it’s impossible to feel those stale negative emotions while you’re envisioning something powerful and positive. No, we’re not living in a fantasy world. Instead, we are simply redirecting our own and others energy.

This will allow us to be in a high-vibrational state, and be much more connected to our true self and able to live the life we always imagined we could.

I Love you guys and want nothing but the very best for each of you.

Cheers to getting back into the driver seat of your life and recreating what we see 🥂

And get the book! Manifest Now by Idil Ahmed

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1 Comment

Sep 04, 2022

Visualize manifest repeat. Thanks for the share😍

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