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Benefits of a Consistent Exercise Routine

We all know the many benefits of physical activity, but finding the discipline to start and stick to a training program is virtually impossible, right?!

That was a trick question...And notice...I said discipline, not time! We will never just find the time...we must make the time!

The good news is that it's really not as hard as you think...Think about it...

You already demonstrate discipline, motivation and willpower in the areas of your life that you deem important. So, just ask yourself--How important is your physical and mental well being? Is it as important as breathing? If the answer isn't yes, then ask yourself the following questions.


What is your ultimate fitness goal?

Why is it important to you? (Dig deep)

If you don't make these changes, how will it affect your life?

What's the plan when life throws you a curveball? How will you stay on track?

Do you believe you can make these changes?


Remember...a consistent exercise routine will have a huge impact on managing stress, feelings of depression and well as boost energy levels and change body composition.

I'm here to help you navigate your way to the absolute best possible version of yourself

Yours In Health,

Cat LeBlanc

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