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Manifest That Shift!

Right now, you are creating your past and your future. That's why it is so critical, to take every opportunity and make the absolute best of it!

Daily, work on developing the necessary skills that are required to create the life you've always dreamed of.

We talk about it, but do we really cultivate this amazing gift we possess? Let me share...

I had been wrecking my brain to handle a situation on my own. Making phone calls daily, sending emails...doing the most! Only to get zero results. This went on for months. Until I began reading a book that had been waiting patiently, on my nightstand for me to pick up. I came across a 7 Day Speed Manifestation challenge, that I accepted with open arms, because I was desperate for resolution on this matter. After day 1, I came across some personal conflicts with the challenge, so I began to explore what was coming up for me to clear it out, so I can be completely open to receive.

I won't go through all the details, because I want you to accept the same challenge, and share your experience. But! What I will say is...

Something I had been wrecking my brain on for months, was handled without me having to do or say a thing! Except for what I did the week of the manifestation challenge.

Talk about a boost in belief that we are Manifestors! We are Creators!

I ended the challenge on a Saturday and the following Monday, I woke to an email that I had been waiting on for months.

If there's something you've been wanting to manifest in your life, but are experiencing some blockage or obstacle, give this a try. Read the book in its entirety...there's some good stuff in there. Be completely open minded, and accept the challenge of Manifesting That Shift in your life!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, so I appreciate you using the link below to purchase your copy of the book. And, let's keep the conversation going by comment to this blog post, about your experience with this book or any other Manifesting/Life Shifting experiences.

Manifest Now by Idil Ahmed.

Peace & Love,

Cat LeBlanc

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