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Prioritize Plan Execute

And in that exact order!

Well, first you have to figure out the “what”, right?!

Once you become crystal clear on your ”what”, then you can settle on your “why”...and that should lay the foundation for you to PPE.

We‘ve all heard the saying “if you fail to plan, you inadvertently plan to fail”. I believe the saying is spot on!

How I know I need to activate PPE, is when my brain feels scattered. I feel like so many things need to get done and I cant figure out if I’m coming or going! That’s when I know I need to take a step back and put pen to paper. Here are my PPE strategies...


Make my list of all that needs to be done. I have a master list and then I break that down to a daily list


Organize my list by oder of importance. What absolutely has to get done because life depends on it?

What can wait a day or two?

And my favorite! The wish list :-) These are things that are not necessity...just things I’d like to have/do


Figure out what has to happen in order for each thing to get done. Take a look at my day/week/month and start plugging things in.

I do this for everything!



Creating blogs 😘


Working out


Spending time with BAE and loved ones Making groceries

Paying bills

Becoming debt free

Getting car repaired

I mean, the list goes on, right?!


Go and be GREAT!!!

Guys! We got this!!! We are superwomen! We can get it ALL done, with proper planning strategies.

Comment with what works for you.

Love, Light, Health and Wealth to you all


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