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Take Control Of Your Life

And you’ll change it forever!

We must first take responsibility for the life we currently have. Our thoughts have shaped our life up to this point, and they will continue to shape our life. So, if your life isn’t what you always hoped and dreamt it would be at this point...reshape your thoughts!

Instead of needing to see it to believe it, shift your mindset to ‘needing to believe it to see it’.

Nothing in this world can be achieved except you first believe it to be possible!

Are there obstacles? Absolutely!

Choose to focus on finding ways to change the problems you face in life!

•Get out of your comfort zone

•Try something new

•Make the decision you know is best, rather than the one that feels safe

In my experience, the best way to make positive change in your life is to build discipline into your daily routine.

Try the following techniques and let me know how they work for you...

•Create time for gratitud, intentional thought and breathing. Start with 5 minutes

•Remind yourself that you are freaking amazing, and you got this!

•Look at your week and choose 3-5 days and times for at least 30 minutes of movement

•Create a to do list everyday and check of tasks as you complete them. Checking them off is important!

•Keep a daily movement and food log

5:30am HIIT workout with Cat 6:15am Protein Shake

8:30am Yogurt, almond butter, berries

12pm Salmon, sweet potato, greens get the point!

•Don’t wait for it to feel right...Just do what needs to be done!

Much success to your day!

Peace Love & Light,


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